148: The Square Root of Spock
Trek Switch Season 2.

For a second time, Phillip, Daniel, and Darren explore a season's worth of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes and decide which stories might be better explored in their sister Trek series. In Earl Grey 124 "Hide and Trelane," the trio delved into the inaugural season of Next Gen - this time it is season two's turn to be "Trek Switched." As usual, the co-hosts can choose to either rewrite an episode or make it a prequel/sequel story for Enterprise, The Original Series, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

This episode asks how would Captain Jonathan Archer and the NX-01 crew deal with the "explorer" Nagilum in the 22nd Century? Earl Grey re-visits controversial ground by setting "The Child" in the series it was originally meant for - the original NCC-1701. The threat of the Dominion War causes Captain Benjamin Sisko and his Starfleet crew to face off against their Bajoran militia co-workers in a version of "Peak Performance." Lastly, Captain's Assistant (or Assistant to the Captain) Naomi Wildman causes a great debate about the prime directive when she ends up with a new "pen pal."

Join Earl Grey as they "Trek Switch" season two of The Next Generation with all the other live action Trek TV series.

Enterprise (00:03:58)
Phillip - Loud as a Whisper
Daniel - The Outragous Okona
Darren -   Where Silence Has Lease

TOS (00:12:54)
Daniel - The Child
Phillip - Time Squared
Darren - Q Who

DS9 (00:21:18)
Darren - Peak Performance - May the Odds be in your favor
Phillip - The Royale
Daniel - The Icarus Factor

VOY (00:36:06)
Phillip - The Dauphin
Darren - Elementary, Dear Data / Captain Proton's Revenge (00:37:42)
Daniel - Pen Pals

Final Thoughts

Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Darren Moser (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer) Michael E Hueter  (Associate Producer) Stephen Boyd (Associate Producer) Ron Saarna (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Will Nguyen (Content Manager)

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