153: Super Bridgemates
Super BridgeMates STLV.

Star Trek. 50th Anniversary. Las Vegas. A once-in-a-lifetime gathering.

Phillip, Daniel, and Darren share their experiences of meeting each other for the first time -- in real life! -- and what it was like to celebrate Trek's 50th Birthday with several thousand fellow fans at the Rio Hotel/Casino/Convention Center, off the Las Vegas Strip.

The trio talks about meeting other trek.fm cohosts, Earl Grey listeners, celebrities, and even R2-D2. They describe how their hotel suite served as a "Ten Forward" (their room number was literally 17001) for the week, hosting a meetup for all Trek.fm hosts and listeners, as well as providing the ultimate gaming experience with "Star Trek: Scene-It?" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game: A Klingon Challenge." Las Vegas is the ultimate place to experience Biij ... and Darren even gets the official endorsement from not-Gowron himself.

Their STLV experience also includes attending TNG-themed celebrity panels - Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), in her first Star Trek convention appearance, as well as Jonathan Frakes (Willam T. Riker), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi, a previous Earl Grey special guest star!), and Michael Dorn (Worf). The Earl Grey team took up many photo opportunities dressed in their Next Gen uniforms, Daniel met Q, and Darren was excited to find a copy of a certain TNG novel, "Ship of the Line."

The highlight of the Earl Grey STLV experience is, of course, Super BridgeMates - recorded live at the #Roddenberry Stage at Quark's Bar. Phillip hosted the three teams of Free Enterprise (Daniel and Darren), Team Lizard Babies (Charlynn Schmiedt and Tristan Riddell) and the Council of Mistresses (Andi Vanderkolk and Jarrah Hodge). Listeners get to experience what happens when three teams must answer random Trek trivia questions, guess episodes/movies as they are acted out by audience members, and stumble around with cosplayers. Phillip does warn listeners that there was a hiccup on his part that may leave the answer of who won this epic showdown entirely up to the listeners' decisions. Earl Grey thanks everyone who made this fun-filled panel possible.

Join Earl Grey as they drink a James Tea Kirk from the Rio Masquarade Bar, drop a few coins in the penny slot machines, and sing their hearts out at Klingon Karaoke, as they share their experience at Star Trek Las Vegas.


Phillip, Darren, and Daniel wish to announce that this is their penultimate episode of Earl Grey - this bridge crew has decided now is the time to move on to another continuing mission. The next episode of Earl Grey will be their last episode - listeners are encouraged to share their favorite EG moments with the crew before the trio sits down for their last poker game. Earl Grey will soon continue with a new crew and new adventures, celebrating all things Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Star Trek Las Vegas (00:00:41)
Super Bridgemates (00:41:03)
Closing (01:07:42)

Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Darren Moser (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer) Michael E Hueter  (Associate Producer) Stephen Boyd (Associate Producer) Ron Saarna (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager)

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