Keiko O'Brien.
Keiko O'Brien first appears in "Data's Day," a season four episode of The Next Generation in which she marries Miles O'Brien. Over the course of the 8 episodes of The Next Generation and 19 episodes of Deep Space Nine in which she appears, we see Keiko as a wife, a mother, a botanist, and a primary school teacher and we even learn a little bit about her family history. Keiko is far from a fan favorite, but what do we think about her when discussing the episodes she appears in and the arc of her character?

In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Amy Nelson and Justin Oser are joined by Jenn Tifft of the Snap Trek podcast to talk about Keiko O'Brien. The discussion includes Keiko's relationship with her husband, Miles O'Brien, on both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, her work as a botanist and school teacher, Keiko as a mother to her two children, what we think of her character overall in episodes spanning 10 seasons of Star Trek, and much more!

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Intro (00:00:00)
Listener Feedback (00:01:20) 
Initial Thoughts (00:09:11) 
Keiko as a Wife (00:17:34) 
Keiko as a Mother (00:25:52) 
Keiko's History (00:31:38) 
Keiko's Career (00:35:40) 
Keiko and Kira (00:43:13) 
Book References (00:47:01) 
Final Thoughts (00:49:41) 
Closing (00:59:35)
Justin Oser  
Amy Nelson

Jenn Tifft
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