Earl Grey 113: Sisterhood of the Traveling Skants

Gender Bender

The Next Generation was lead by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his mostly male crew of officers. In this episode of Earl Grey, the trio gain inspiration from the IDW "Star Trek" comic book series called "Parallel Lives"that "flipped" the genders of the JJ-verse cast. How would the Enterprise-D's adventures unfold with Captain Jean Picard and her crew?

Daniel, Darren, and Phillip beam aboard Jarrah Hodge (co-host, "Women at Warp") to analyze the main and secondary characters of Next Gen under a "gender bender" thought experiment. Whether it's Commander Riker - a first officer who echoes Captain Phillipa Louvois ("The Measure of a Man") or her long-lost love Dean E. Troi - a sensitive Betazoid who is not only in touch with his feelings, but in touch with everyone else's. Earl Grey, along with Jarrah, analyze what characteristics would have remained the same if the sexes had been switched, what stereotypes may have been challenged, and how Suzie Plakson's Q would have made for quite a different "encounter." From uniform to name changes, and everything in between, join Earl Grey in this "gender bender" episode that imagines a parallel universe for the crew of TNG.

Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Jarrah Hodge

Editor / Producer
Darren Moser

Executive Producers
Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, & C Bryan Jones

Production Manager
Richard Marquez
Content Manager

Will Nguyen

Jean Lucy Picard
Wilma Riker
Data (00:37:16)
Warf, daughter of Mogh (00:45:31)
Georgia LaForge (00:48:30)
Lt Nathan Yar (Who?) (00:53:20)
Chief M'lady Obrien (00:56:20)

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