Earl Grey 123: Hashtag Humblebrag

Favorite Earl Grey episodes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation has inspired, motivated, and entertained fans for almost thirty years -- especially three specific (and familiar) fans: Darren Moser, Daniel Proulx, and Phillip Gilfus. The trio of Earl Grey look back over the 122 Next Gen topics they have discussed for three years and pick their top three favorite shows, as well as some honorable mention podcast episodes.

Their choices include their crossovers with other trek.fm podcasts, like "Earl Grey 15: The Movie Should Write Itself," an in-depth look at the inaugural TNG film Star Trek: Generations with the co-hosts of "Standard Orbit," and "Earl Grey 100: All Ships Are Big Shuttles," a role-playing game celebrating TNG and the trekfm family. The trio remember their once-in-a-lifetime interview with Counselor Deanna Troi herself, Marina Sirtis ("Earl Grey 112: Troi, Goddess of Internity"), as well as one of their many signature game-playing adventures when, together, they defeated "Not Gowron" during "Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game: A Klingon Challenge" ("Earl Grey 69: Experience Bij").

The co-hosts also talk about the much-beloved game #BridgeMates ("Earl Grey 82: When In Doubt, Choose Data"), their first episode re-write of a TNG episode, "Masks" (Earl Grey 105: Snakebot: The Great Librarian), and discuss the origins, operations, and favorite aspects of this weekly Next Gen podcast. So enjoy a nice warm cup of Earl Grey and join Darren, Daniel, and Phillip as they reflect on their favorite episodes of this podcast.

Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Editor / Producer
Darren Moser

Executive Producers
Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, & C Bryan Jones

Production Manager
Richard Marquez
Content Manager

Will Nguyen

Host Picks
DM - 15: The Movie Should Write Itself - Generations Crossover with Standard Orbit 12/24/13 (00:14:13)
PG - 93: Port Side Rules Starboard Drools - Darren's Single Use Sets 6/23/15 (00:08:54)
DP - 82: When in Doubt Choose Data - Bridgemates 4/7/15 (00:14:31)
DM - 69: Experience Bij - ST:TNG The Interactive VCR Board Game 1/6/15 (00:19:51)
PG - 43: What You Leave Behind - Daniel's TOS elements 7/8/14 (00:24:32)
DP - 105: Snakebot: The Great Librarian - Darren's Masks Rewrite 9/15/15 (00:28:57)
DM - 81: The Picard Conspiracy - Starfleet reading through reports 3/31/15 (00:32:17)
PG - 100: All Ships Are Big Shuttles - ENTNGRPG 8/10/15 (00:35:27)
DP - 112: Troi, Goddess of Internity - Marina Sirtis Interview 11/3/15 (00:41:08) 
Honorable Mentions
DP - 110: The Shift Key Is Your Friend - A Final Unity Video Game 10/20/15 (00:49:56)
PG - 32: The Magnificent Seven - 1 Episode Per Season 4/22/14 (00:52:22)
DM - 111: Bird-of-Prey Selfies - On the Ready Room 9/10/13 (00:54:41)
Closing (01:02:10)

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