Earl Grey 55: The Badmiral and the Fountain of Youth

Star Trek: Insurrection was released on December 11, 1998, and reactions from fans of The Next Generation have been divided ever since. The third movie in the TNG franchise, following the popular Star Trek: First Contact, has been described as feeling like an authentic episode from the television series, while other fans view it as one of the least successful films in all of the Star Trek film franchise.

In this episode of Earl Grey, Phillip, Darren, and Daniel tackle the new technologies introduced in the film, the morality-play plot, and what their favorite crew should have been up to during the Dominion War. We also discuss whether the Troi/Riker relationship should have been advanced, if it made sense to have Worf in this outing, and why the Ba'ku seem to look exactly like humans. Feel the clock go backward, break out the mambo music, and come aboard the captain's yacht for the Earl Grey movie review of Star Trek: Insurrection.
Phillip Gilfus, Daniel Proulx, and Darren Moser
Editor and Producer
Darren Moser
Associate Producers
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Worf Is Here (6:28)
Everyone Else Is Here (10:39)
New Technology (14:00)
The Story (18:27)
The Federation Council (25:00)
Effects on the Crew (28:15)
Staying Young (34:21)
Final Thoughts (41:47)
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