Earl Grey 62: Armrest Cheat Sheet

Season Four Overview.

Viewers flocked to the season-four premiere of The Next Generation to see if the Enterprise-D would survive the Borg attack and whether Locutus of Borg versus Captain William T. Riker would mean the end of Jean-Luc Picard. The rest of the season introduced the family members of our crew ("Family," "Brothers," "Reunion"), saw Chief O'Brien get married ("Data's Day"), and Wesley Crusher finally moved on from the Federation flagship ("Final Mission").

In this episode of Earl Grey, Daniel, Phillip, and Darren discuss the introduction of the Cardassians, the expansion of the Klingon civil war arc (featuring Daniel's favorite shadowy Romulan), and what episodes made us laugh, think, and cry the most during the season that fully established TNG as a Star Trek incarnation with its own identity and success.



Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, and Darren Moser


Editor and Producer

Darren Moser


Associate Producer

Will Nguyen



The Best of Both Worlds (2:03)

Family (5:51)

Passing TOS (11:03)

Family Season? (16:51)

Wesley Leaving (21:03)

O'Brien (30:25)

Highlights of Season Four (33:37) 

Fun with Titles (38:58)

Q (44:20)

Final Thoughts (47:00)

Closing (52:03)


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